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A few years ago my son was preparing for his GCSE German exam. He had trouble remembering his vocabulary and so I decided to write a program that would help him. He could easily add or remove words. Since he passed the exam I would say that the program did its job.

Instructions for running the program to follow. In the meantime you can download the program and two small files with some German/English and English/German vocabulary.

FlashCard – Right click on the link and then save the file. You need to unzip the file to extract the jar and two data files. If it is Windows and you have the Java Runtime Environment installed, you only need to double click on the .jar file to run the program. If you use Linux, you’ll probably know how to run a Java file.

Any issues with the program can be reported using the issue tracker on BitBucket at: https://bitbucket.org/jsteyn/flashcards/downloads/

It would have been nice to make the download available on the BitBucket site but BitBucket seems to have some lame excuse for not implementing public downloads despite users requesting the feature since about 2009.